Jeff Leslie

Our aim at Mid Valley is to save you money! We accomplish this by putting together a package for your project that is customized for your specific needs, and our ability to do the work in house.

Mid Valley Restaurant services is your one stop shop for all your foodservice needs. Please call or come in today to see if we can assist in that one item or a complete start to finish restaurant.

About Mid Valley:

Mid Valley proprietor Jeff FaGalde was born and raised in Walla Walla, Washington. Jeff used his first tool set to remove every nut and bolt he came across, including the lug nuts off the family cars. Grandpa FaGalde recognized Jeff’s enthusiasm and channeled his energy to the family farm shop where Jeff and he repaired tractors, cars, and built hot rods. Jeff shares stories of Grandpa creatively solving problems, either making repairs, or manufacturing the parts or components himself. Grandpa passed on his love and knowledge of mechanics and fabrication to Jeff.

Jeff worked at local machine shops for several years as a mechanic fabricating, welding and assembling. In the mid 1990’s, Jeff started a construction company building houses in Walla Walla and the Tri-City area. This progressed to Mid Valley Builders, a commercial construction company. Over the next several years, Jeff worked on big box projects with contracts for build outs, demolition, finish trades for wall and floor finishes, and any project on the spot, including landscaping and fencing. Jeff and his team installed over 3.5 million square feet of tile at Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, Macy’s, Safeway, and Target’s across several states.

Jeff acquired his first pieces of commercial food service equipment while building and remodeling grocery stores. Jeff taught himself about the equipment and began buying and selling used equipment. Jeff decided it was a good time to change gears from traveling to pursue food service equipment supply and started subsidiary Mid Valley Restaurant Services. Jeff combined his mechanical knowledge and experience as a general contractor to supply restaurants, schools and other commercial kitchens with hood systems, walk in refrigeration, kitchen layout, new and used equipment, and complete build outs. A decade later, Mid Valley has carved out a unique niche by being able to provide fully integrated restaurant build services at a great price.

Jeff resides in Walla Walla and spends his free time with wife Leslie, son Matt and daughter April. Jeff likes to race at the Walla Walla drag strip, build and fabricate race cars, and restore his collection of vintage muscle cars. Jeff also has a passion for food, and enjoys barbequing for family and friends.